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Qingdao Yingli Machinery Co., Ltd.
Company Address: High-Tech Industrial Park, Laoshan,Qingdao,China
E-mail: info@yinglimachinery.com
Zip/Postal Code: 266000
Tel Number: 86-532-88910996
Fax Number: 86-532-88910969

Brand and Culture

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 Our Vision:
Through the integration of Production, Marketing, Research, become the largest and most powerful company in pipeline products industry in the world. Realize the green recycling industry with the integration of human beings, products and natural.
Vision Description:
Establishment of Research, Production, Marketing to the pipeline products processing chain, develop associated industries, improving overall efficiency in order to achieve sustainable development.
Has the largest production scale, the most advanced technology with the most meticulous customer service network, lead in the industry and in the world.
The most efficient management team, the most powerful research and development
capabilities, manufacturing high quality products of YingLi, to get the best profitability.

Our mission:
Serve our customers, consumers and our society with the power of our employees and our rand.
Market Strategy:
Be Passive if follow the market; be leading role if make a early step
Operation Principle:
Customer Center/First
Information Management
Continuous replenishment program          
excellent  execution
win first
continuous and effective improvement
cash based
Talent Policy
Set up various employee welfare system
Fully reflect the interests of employees and the company
Require employees to be active and willing to win, have the spirit of ownership.

Operation Philosophy:
(Respect to Individual)
Employees are the most valuable assets
Provide opportunities to enhance the wisdom and platform to development.
(Innovation and Development)
Breakthrough the innovation with the use of technology
To create high-valued products required by the market
(Customer Satisfaction)
Reverse thinking, market oriented ,customer satisfaction is the greatest goal,
Expand the business, provide the customer with products and service beyond the market value.
(Highest Performance)
Employees are required to do right things with scientific methods.
Take the best performance of advanced enterprises, as the benchmarking to evaluate the operation level

Actieve our vision:
Let us ideologically unified values, acting on business philosophy, under the leadership of general manager, tree ambition, set aspirations, hard work, perseverance, to complete the mission and task of Yingli, achieve the vision of Yingli, course of light future.

Action Plan:
When others did not think that, you were thinking.
When others start to think of ,you were doing..
When others start to do, you have done a good job.
When others do a good job, you have done great.
When others doing as well as you, you have changed the runway.

Yingli spirit:
•  Forever Lasting   
•  Transparent Data      
•  Strict Criteria    
•  Fair Judging      
•  Win or Lose 
•  Coaching & Learning 
•  Reward & Penalty    
•  World Class Targets  

 Three essential points:
Intention: Challenge the limits, pursuit of perfection
Team Spirit: Rapid response, coordinated operations